Why was They Have Names created?

To tell the individual stories of our Troops who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. We believe that Americans NEED to know about the lives of each and every fallen hero. Through this knowledge, they will cease to become mere numbers and start to become real people.

Where does the money go?

Currently, we are not an authorized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. However, all donations are used to pay for hosting the site, registration fees, lawyers (to help with the 501(c)3 process), and other costs associated with the site. No one associated with They Have Names is paid. Any money we collect above and beyond our minimal necessities to keep this alive will be donated to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a fund that provides treatment for traumatic amputee patients, burn patients requiring advanced rehabilitation, and service members undergoing limb salvage techniques...

How often is the site updated?

My goal is to add another profile AT LEAST once per week on Friday. I realize that at that pace it will take me 57 years to complete if no other Soldiers were to die from now on. As time becomes available, I will add more but not less than one per week.

What's in it for you?

I don't benefit in any way from this site. If anything, it's costing me more than anything. I spend a lot of time researching that I could spend with my family. I do not and will not place advertising on the site. When I was in Iraq myself in 2003, I came within inches of having a tribute made to my life. I had friends die in explosions I somehow walked away from without a scratch. The only thing I get out of this site is the satisfaction of introducing a group of truly courageous people to the world.